Bownessie - making waves in the Lakes!

The lovable Bownessie has his official residence in the lake, Windermere. Bownessie is a friendly cheeky monster whose favourite game is “Hide–and–Seek”! His smile is as large as his tummy and he loves nothing more than hanging out in the lake and going for walks and adventures where he meets new friends.

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Where To Find Bownessie
Bownessie Colouring Sheets

Bownessie & Friends

Bownessie & Cha Cha Char

Bownessie’s best friend is Cha-cha Char, the char fish who sometimes gets mistaken for Bownessie!

Where To Buy Bownessie

Where To Buy Bownessie

Bownessie is in lots of shops around the lake, and you can also order him online!

Fun Things To Do

Fun Things To Do

Why not visit some of Bownessie's favourite places while you are in the Lake District?

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Hide N Seek

Our happy-go-lucky friendly monster always has a smile on his face whatever he does and plenty of adventures lie ahead for him.

Why not join him? As his favourite game is hide and seek, visitors to Windermere can try to find him and if you do he will be happy to give a big wave and huge smile!